Blogging Boomers are Blooming.

Blooming Boomers.

Is it your turn to bloom?

  • Do you feel like it’s now or never?
  • Have your priorities changed?
  • Have you become dissatisfied with work politics or your employer?
  • Do you need to supplement your income because you’ve been made redundant and do not have enough savings?
  • Have you developed an urge to travel, so need work that travels with you?
  • Do you have aging parents or want more quality time with your partner or grand children?
  • Do you feel the need for life’s outcomes to be more value focused?
  • Are you looking for a platform from which to launch your reinvention on your terms?

Great reasons to become a blogging boomer?

  • Able to combine previous knowledge with present interests to create new outcomes.
  • See the need for a better way to address everyday problems.
  • An event in life has triggered the need to tell your story.
  • The time has come to start leaving your legacy.
  • Want to contribute to a worthwhile cause.
  • Expand knowledge and interests.
  • Need for the whole of life to fit in.
  • Do something of value.
  • Have reached a point where it’ time to tell it like it is.
  • Start writing that book one blog at a time.

How will this help you blossom?

  • More adequately able to meet needs for yourself and others.
  • Able to challenge own/others perceptions.
  • Find personal fulfillment by creating something unique.
  • Expand knowledge and experience.
  • Connect with others to break down barriers.
  • Utilize leadership and communication skills.
  • Increase confidence.
  • Discover untapped potential.
  • Streamline life’s work.

Let’s Boom On.

A great way to get started on the blogging journey is to subscribe to other blogs.  Check out the list below. Not only will you expand your knowledge,  you might be inspired  to ‘Boom On’.

Blooming Bloggers.  Get a new take on life by finding creative ways to make your wildest dreams come true.  Here you’ll find inspiration about athletes, artists, scientists, explorers who bloomed later in life.  Develop resiliency to bounce back from anything.

www.holistichotsauce  Filled with hidden treasures on looking good, feeling great and having fun stepping into the unknown.  Bring your creative dreams to reality even if your spirit has been dampened or discouraged.  Blogs about Boomer issues of healthy aging, caring for parents and reinvention.  Discover the path to inner peace and happiness through positive psychology, mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy.  If it’s time you ‘quit your bitching, change your life’ and reboot in a hot flash, subscribe.  Have you dreamed of selling everything and escaping to another country?  Diana Barr blogs from the hills of Italy where she and her partner bought an abandoned farm, they turned into a bed and breakfast.  Are you distracting yourself with things that are irrelevant.  Subscribe to the bliss activist, make life relevant.  Discover that growing old means growing whole.  Share some communal wisdom and become fierce with age.  A place to enjoy the middle years by listening and sharing.  Do you want to enter a writing competition, start here.  Delve deeply into the roots of human survival.  Learn what it takes to thrive.  Change life from good enough to good.  If you would like to stop waiting for the next something and be here today, subscribe.  A trip into the heart of the boomer generation with media, marketing, advertising, sociology and culture.  Learn simple truths from Indigenous cultures to improve the way we live our lives and contribute to the world.  For tips on developing the skill of creating healthy habits in your life.  Overcome the hurdles you find in the course of writing.  Subscribe for unmissable articles on writing and become part of the Dream Team.  Join Alist Blogging Bootcamp for all you need to get that blog started.  Is a blog for men.  It is about finding inner male strength through the development of courage and inner strength.  Unconventional strategies to get your business online, sell more effectively and create your own marketplace.  Finding happiness through the law of attraction.  Eclectic and diverse blog on daily life, gardening, civilization, books and poetry.  Lifestyle design, primal living, financial freedom, solopreneur.  Enahance your creativity by becoming mindful.  If you want to cure insomnia or are simply looking for a good nights sleep this is the site to visit.  Do begin changes then fizzle out.  This site offers great advice on how to be organized and stay that way.  Visit this site if you’d like to capture the ‘wow’ moments in your life through the lens of your camera.  Loran’s heart will bring wisdom, kindness and encouragement into your life.

If your a blogging bloomer and would like to join our facebook Mastermind/Support/Accountability Group Click on The Blogging Boomers.

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  1. Your list is spot on! Some of the best bloomers in their respective industries.

    Great Job

  2. Thanks, Priska, for the site mention :-)

    Some of these blogs are new to me, so I’m off to check them out now. Thanks for compiling the list for us.

  3. Beautiful list of resources and people!

  4. I feel like we are sisters. I said yes, to almost everything on your list. This bloom time is especially meaningful for me because my mother died at my age from breast cancer. What a void she left not only in my life but the world. She fought almost 7 years – right at the time when she needed to bloom (children leaving home, etc). Her short life has been a message to me to live everyday to it’s fullest. Discover who I am, share my gifts, tell as it is, experience life, meet new people, keep an open mind, learn new things and fight for the things that need to be corrected in this world. Right on Sista! Power to the Bloomers!!

    • my mum died from BC, i turned 50 a few months later. -2008- she lived for about 4 years after her diagnosis and man i miss her still terrribly at times. just to say “when did your flushes stop again mum?” (for the millionth time)

  5. Priska:

    I love this! As an “experienced” individual myself, I very much appreciated literally everything in those bulleted lists. Particularly…

    Being able to combine previous knowledge with present interests to create new outcomes.
    Having reached a point where it’s time to tell it like it is.

    As you know, a group of very generous people has been helping me through this process recently and this post really helped me connect some dots.

    Good work!

  6. I’m happy to know a decent number of these groovy boomers Priska. Although I’m sure the other ones I’ve never heard of are worthy of a look, I’m not sure which ones are worth a click. It’s probably just me, but a little more context explaining the nature of these sites or your experience with them would be nice to help me decide. However, if you intended to keep this minimalist, which I normally encourage, job well done!

  7. I can’t wait to explore this list, Priska! Thank you so much for including me.

  8. What a wonderful list, Priska — many of whom I’ve yet to meet.
    Some fantastic site names among those, too. “Life After Tampons” LOL!
    Thanks for including SoWrite; I really didn’t expect it, given the delightful “boomer/bloomer” nature of your list.
    Thinking about it more, though, many of us who led to the conception of SoWrite are indeed at That Certain Age. You’re right — we have something to say!
    As Debra said, I can’t wait to explore the rest of this list. Joel has a good point, too. Maybe a follow-up for a later post or two?
    Thanks again, Priska!

  9. Thanks so much for including me, Priska!

  10. Thanks for including me! I’m off to explore some of these wonderful spots!

  11. Hi Priska,

    This is a great list! I already read some of these guys, and look forward to discovering some new blogging talent!

  12. I’m not sure I’d be able to do what these guys are doing – picking up a completely new skillset at an older age? Awesome!

  13. I’m technically not a baby boomer — to be 100% accurate, I’m the child of two of them, but I have developed a certain sense of urgency and “it’s got to happen now” attitude about my creative endeavors, and so I can identify with what you say about feeling like it’s “now or never.” I guess I feel blessed that my “midlife crisis” came early.

  14. Wonderful list! I’m familiar with a few of them and I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of them. Also looking forward to following along with your tips and tools. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot. I have to smile at the thought that you were once a flower child. It brings forth an image in my mind of loose cotton shirts, long skirts, beads, and peace signs, but I now realize that I don’t really know the definition and I’m intrigued.

  15. I had just come by to say ‘hi’ and look what you’ve done. You are a gem. Love this and thank you.

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